Here we are.

A year has passed in the blink of an eye. Usually a blogger’s silence is broken with a self-indulgent, life-is-so-busy semi-apologetic post promising loads of change and new content. I don’t want to bore you with all that, I’ve done it before, so I’ll keep it brief - sorry for absence but I’m pleased to say I now have time to indulge in my photography again.


It’s given me a bit of a time out, a chance to reflect and think about what my new priorities should be in my new “life”. The next best thing to taking photos is thinking about your photography, right?

“Taking stock” sounds a bit more melodramatic than the process actually was but you get the point. With time to direct my thoughts and think about what I like - and want to do more of - and what I’m happy to do less of or ditch entirely.

My website & social media stuff will continue, although the latter long-since seems to have passed the point of diminishing returns. I like having a creative portal, a platform to express myself and to let me continue teaching & giving back to the photography community. Although the biggest cost outside of cameras, it’s an affordable indulgence!

Competitions, particularly the FIAP/PSA style-distinctions and pay-per-accreditation have run their course. I’ve talked before about how addictive it can be crafting a salon entry & waiting for the result, and have that leads to entering dozens more chasing after awards and “accolade”. After my break, I can’t honestly say that I miss it. I think it has served its purpose, it’s proven that I could - with sufficient time & money - achieve pretty much any of the arbitrary levels each scheme offers. What I’ve realised is that these aren’t valuable to me. They don't make my photography better and I don’t need this particular expense to get token praise & critique.

My book project is actually one of the few things I kept alive, albeit on a slow burn. It's mostly written and now I'm planning the imagery & photos I'll need. Expect an updated blog post on this soon too. I've also got a handful of other long-term projects I want to kick off soon.

Anyway, I didn't plan to go into so much detail on this "I'm back" post... already I'm rambling. Let's finish here and I can't wait to get stuck in :)