How to Write A Photography Book - Part 0

made a promise to myself and a public commitment earlier this year to share more about my own personal projects and also to commit to some deadlines! I've had ideas swirling around in my head for a long time but actually sitting down and working on them has always taken a back seat to sitting online talking about photography. 

ime to get my arse behind the camera again instead of a keyboard!

tarting today I'm making a commitment to "do something, then blog about it" setting a goal to post at least once a month but aiming for weekly if I can. I've called this post "part 0" to set the scene, rather than just jumping straight in.

I am absolutely NOT this organised when I write... 

I am absolutely NOT this organised when I write... 

The plan is to write a book, a beginner's guide to photography. Hardly an original concept but I have a take on things I want to share. When I was first learning I found there were certain concepts and techniques that are frequently explained really badly. I know this because I've made the same mistakes myself while teaching!

I'm not planning to rewrite photography literature history with my book, it's very much a passion project that I want to share with other photographers both in terms of the journey I take in making it and the final product.

I'm also kicking off something else at the same time - an email newsletter. I want a way be able to reach out to all my readers quickly and easily, starting with a once-a-month summary, competitions and more. I wanted to set this up earlier to run competition give-aways but it wasn't something I was allowed to do in Singapore! Check out the signup page here for more info.

Anyway, back to the book. It's a big undertaking and one I'm not taking lightly. It's a bit scary but I'm hugely excited about it and hope you enjoy coming along on the journey with me! I really want to hear your views and feedback as I progress - get in touch via email, Facebook or the comments section below.

Wish me luck!