Happy New Year! A look ahead...

It might be a little belated but Happy New Year to you all!

As well as being out of the country travelling over the Christmas period I am still shaking off tonsilitis which knocked me off my feet for a few days. I'm still not quite 100% but still wanted to share what my plans are for the coming weeks & months.

My attempt to blog daily about my visit to China in December was an abortive mess. Although I knew the internet would be restrictive and had options to counteract the blocks, what I didn't expect was how hideously bad the internet actually would be AND how unreliable the SquareSpace iPhone blog app was. To put it simply, I had written & uploaded five or six additional posts, saved & published them and... they have disappeared. Simply evaporated into the ether! While very frustrating, I'm planning to rewrite them and add them to the Travel section instead. Sorry to everyone who mailed me asking what was going on but I'll get them up as soon as I can.

I have several gear reviews in the pipeline with the kit I took to China being the most important. This includes more than just cameras/lenses and will cover a new, afforadable carbon fibre tripod and a portable image backup drive too. As well as that I'm continue to expand my "back catalogue" of reviews with lenses from Canon, Tamron & Sigma coming very soon too. Finally, the Sony A7SII will be winging its way to me shortly and I'm extremely excited at the prospect!

My beginner guide articles & blog posts have always been among the most popular content I've produced so I'm going to spend more of my time working on these. I'm putting the finishing touches on a beginner guide for basic camera cleaning, showing the tools & steps you need to give your kit a spring clean. I'm also planning to launch a regular image/portfolio review series to help other photographers learn how to critique their own work & avoid common/easily fixed mistakes. As well as analysing images submitted directly by fans of the site I'm also going to start something I'm tentatively calling the "Showcase Series" - taking great images and outlining why I think they work so well. All of this is in direct response to requests for this kind of content/service and I'm pretty excited about it.

As you can see I've set myself lots to do :)  I'm also continuing with my Fifty Two Weeks project and will be posting catchup images for that very soon.