Podcast Review #6 - The Art of Photography with Ted Forbes

This week's photography podcast review is a little late, sorry about that. Real life has a habit of getting in the way :)

I think the Art of Photography was the first photography podcast I ever downloaded. Back when I was an absolute beginner I was like a sponge, soaking up literally anything/everything related to photography! Other photography podcasts have come and gone on my personal playlist but the AOP is still there! 

The Art of Photography has been running since 2008, starting as a podcast on iTunes and now with a sizeable YouTube presence. Simply put, at one stage or another the show has covered pretty much everything photography related - as the host describes it, it's a 360 degree view of photography. Early episodes focused on some of the core principles of photography, compositon, film and more. Since then the show has covered a huge number of diverse topics, not least a long-running series looking at the work of famous (and some not-so-famous!) photographers and... you know, I don't think I'm doing it justice in one or two sentences! It really would just be easier to see the episode list here!

A large part of the appeal of the show comes from the host, Ted Forbes. He's clearly very passionate about photography and it's infectious. A good example is with his ongoing series on photographers - he's able to present the story & work of people I'd likely otherwise skip over in a way that really appeals. In fact, this is something of a forte of the show. It may or may not be his intention but if feels like Ted takes subjects which interest HIM as a photographer and brings it to everyone else in a really engaging way!

The only real drawback I find with the show is that it's video only. Although publishing on YouTube helps and a huge amount of what he delivers means video is essential there's a part of me wishes he'd do a companion audio podcast! That said, most episodes are fairly short running at most 20-30 mins unlike some of the longer photography shows out there.

I also think that the show will be more likely to be picked up by someone in whom photography has properly "taken root". I don't think it's a show for the more casual photographer because they won't get so much value out of it; not that the value isn't there, just that it's best enjoyed once photography is already on the way to becoming a big part of your life. I liked it as a beginner but like it MORE now I'm fully committed photographer. Whatever stage you are at it's definitely well worth following, don't leave it too long to try out!

In recent months Ted made the decision to quit his dayjob to focus full time on the Art of Photography and for his fans I think the decision has been nothing but a huge boon - even more quality content and now more frequent. It's been a thoroughly enjoyable experience and my bet is it's only going to get better.

Check it out on YouTube or iTunes.