The Moon & The Earth

I normally avoid posting general photography news stories on the site but this is a very cool intersection of photography & science, both things I enjoying nerding over.

This video was created from a series of photos shot from a million miles away and shows the Moon crossing in front of the Earth.  The Moon is approximately 250,000 miles away from the Earth to give some idea of relative distances.

Aside from just being very cool in it's own right, what I also like is that we are seeing the far-side of the Moon.  The Moon is tidally locked to the Earth, meaning we only ever see the same face, and it wasn't until the Soviet Luna 3 probe went "around the back" and photographed it that we had any idea what it looked like.

There's no such thing as the "dark side" of the Moon, except figuratively speaking.  Regardless of where it's the near- or far-side, whether it's lit up depends on which side is currently facing the Sun and you can see here the far/dark side is anything but dark :)