Canon Photomarathon Singapore 2015 - Winning Images

Here are all the award winning images from Canon's Photomarathon 2015, held 22nd August in Singapore.

Best In Show - Open

Awarded to the best overall set of three images to any photographer who placed 3rd/2nd/1st in one of the three individual themed rounds.  I've noted down which of their image placed top 3 in the respective earlier theme too. As well as their individual theme prizes, winners of Best in Show also bag a trip to a photo-clinic in Japan!

Photographer - Sun Lim Tung.



This image placed 2nd in the Defy Your Imagination theme

Best In Show - Student

I like this set, and think they are three of the strongest images from the whole day. Very nice work!

Photographer - Cheung Jun Hong.  


This image placed second in the 50:50 theme

Defy Your Imagination

The individual theme images are shown below, in 1st -> 3rd place order

Theme 1 - Street - Open

Moses Lau - 1st

Fang Boo Keong - 2nd

Rudy Liwanag - 3rd

Theme 1 - Street - Student

Maximilian Lim - 1st

Clive Tua - 2nd

Lim Neng Du - 3rd

Theme 2 - 50:50 - Open

Lim Kiat Guan - 1st

Chuan Lee Chun - 2nd

Theme 2 - 50:50 - Student

Zhon Phua - 1st

Cheong Jun Hong - 2nd

Zhen Ang Yi - 3rd

Theme 3 - Defy Your Imagination - Open

Dean Koh - 1st

Sun Lim Tung - 2nd

Thein Wyn Myint - 3rd

Theme 3 - Defy Your Imagination - Student

Chee Leck Yong - 1st

Cebeste Ng - 2nd

Lew Jun Fei - 3rd