Leica M Monochrom Type 246

I normally avoid posting news stories, it's not really a direction I want to take the site, but this one caught my eye.

Leicas are a curiosity for me.  I've never used one for any serious length of time, the fanboys irritate me with the self-indulgent smugness and the results are not anything special.  The allure of owning one has never gripped me and I've always had the faint preconception that the cameras are more about style than substance.  While I'm not immune to the charm of camera kit and I'm fully capable - and capable of admitting - I can nerd out over gear, Leica cameras have never elicited this kind of response for me.

With one exception.  The original Leica M Monochrom was the first and only Leica I'd seen that got me thinking I'd really like to own one!  Even though the premise is a bit gimmicky, the idea of the camera captured my imagination in ways the other Leicas never do.

Leica have now released their Monochrom M Type 246, proving again that while they can make pretty cameras they still make them sound like some kind of submarine or battleship.  What really caught my eye were the promotional images - normally the images a manufacturer churns out are technically well done but nothing particularly exciting.  I really, really liked these ones and are the most effective promo images I've ever seen.  Shot in Iceland by a guy named Ragnar Axelsson.


Check out the dedicated section of the Leica site to learn more here, unfortunately the Leica SG site still has no mention of it.  It's expected to retail in the ballpark of about £5000  or S$10,000. 

Images courtesy of the Leica site.