Radioactive RX100?

A video is doing the rounds across photography sites today.

The video creator, going by the name Vegetable Police, has "tested" the Sony RX100-3 and claims it emits dangerous amounts of radiation. 

I'll let you view the video then come to your own conclusions - reading the reaction around the internet & from what I can remember from my degree course, he's just flat out wrong in there being any sort of radiation risk at all.  I used the camera solidly for two weeks and if there was a radiation risk, my ginger hair would have fallen out so I more than most would have been keen for this to be true ;)

Why I do like this video, and why I'm posting the link, is that it's a great example of confirmation bias; it shows how people with a delusion see whatever they want to see to support their pre-existing position despite actual evidence being completely opposed. An interesting view into how the human mind works.

Initially seen on Petapixel