Success at Southampton International Exhibition

I entered the highly prestigious Southampton International Exhibition just after new year and, for the first time in International circles, entered prints as well as digital images.  Results are just in and I'm super-chuffed to have gained four acceptances, three of which are prints!  I always think my photos look better printed out :)

As well as being accepted, one was even awarded a certificate of merit too making the second commendation in as many weeks!  Clearly I need to enter more exhibitions to maintain the trend ;)  I also need to admit to a sense of smugness in that a judge at a local club competition slated this image for what he thought were a load of tiny faults - I'm happy to see his opinion seems to NOT be shared by proper judges!

Anyway, here they are!

6.40 to Brighton - "Southampton Camera Club Certificate"

The Windmill - Accepted, Open Digital Image

Three's A Crowd - Accepted, Monochrome Print

Vertical - Accepted, Monochrome Print