The Week of the Docks - Fifty Two Weeks #10

I'd love to explore the Port of Singapore. I think it's the kind of place with huge photographic potential but sadly it's extremely hard to get access - not for the lack of trying! It's the biggest in the world (depending on how you measure it) and stretches for miles and miles.

This past weekend I was given the opportunity to shoot just a small fraction of it. In the background you can see Singapore's party island, Sentosa.

This is actually two images stitched together - it's hard to convey the sheer scale so I shot it with some tall buildings in the foreground, plus the highway, to try and give an impresion of the size of the ports. This is just a small fraction of it!

Over the next decade the Singapore government are moving the ENTIRE port several miles up the coast to a new, already-built location. The land where the current port is just too valuable to resist so they're converting it into luxury condos.

An also-ran this week was the shot below, shot from the other side of the building I was shooting from. I was tempted to photoshop in a diving board on the top floor :)