I've been busy...

Hey! It has been longer than normal between blog posts and that's because the last few weeks have been supremely busy!

Real life gets in the way now and then which has been the main culprit for the lack of frequent updates. That said, I've also had a lot of exciting photography things on the go too which I hope to bring to you guys soon!

I recently spent a long weekend in Bangkok, awesome for photography as well as starting up a photography club for British expats here in Singapore. The first event was a huge success and we have another one scheduled soon that's already getting a lot of interest.

As well as that I have a ton of new camera gear under review at the moment and I'm hoping to branch out and produce my first ever video reviews too - the prospect of that is quite daunting because I want to make sure I keep the quality high. It may be I publish the written reviews first and follow up with video later when I've ironed out some production niggles. I also need to invest in some decent video kit, not least a proper microphone.

Finally my Fifty Two Weeks project is still alive and kicking and I hope to bring you the latest updates for that soon!

Thanks all for your patience & encouragement! Here's a photo from Bangkok as a reward :)