The Week of the Apes - Fifty Two Weeks #4

This week I ran out of time & only had a limited number of opportunities to shoot. That said, I'm quite pleased & privileged to have been able to get extremely close to some Orang-Utan! Initially I'd chosen the second image in the post but after finding a second memory card of images I've chosen a simple portrait of a female orangutan. I've left the original image in this post too, below my new Fifty Two Weeks project image.

The image below is the older version I'd chosen initially.

This is pretty much straight out of camera and I only really desaturated the greenery in the background so it didn't contrast so much with the bright orange fur of the orang-utans.

The baby is perfectly fine and just starting to fall asleep while the mother looks around alertly. I'll add more shots from the encounter as soon as I get time!