The Week of the Girl - Fifty Two Weeks #3

This week's shot came from a photoshoot with Tawan from Bangkok. Shot at a cool location in Singapore with great natural light - even though I had strobes & reflectors to hand, in the end I didn't need any of it. I wanted a grungy, street kind of vibe. Edgy but vulnerable at the same time.

In the back of my mind I was practicing for some upcoming photoshoots for musicians so I knew I wanted to experiment with different compositions & not just go for straight-up portraits.

Processing was relatively straightforward and after applying basic adjustments like sharpening & noise reduction  I then took the image into Color Efex Pro. Flicking through the presets I found one that was 90% of what I was looking for and took it from there. The toning was chosen to contrast with her skin tone and helped give the urban feel I wanted. With that, job done!

It was a really fun photoshoot & Tawan was an excellent model. Here's a few more images from the shoot.

This was a very close second place for this week's photo - in the end I liked the eye-contact more in the final shot but I think this would be great for an album cover. Tried cinematic grading here and think it works pretty well.

With those leggings it was hard not to try out the Sin City treatment :)

Let me know what you think in the comments!