How To Write a Photography Book

I started this project in February 2017, my first serious attempt to not only write a photography book but blog about it every step of the way. Starting from the earliest ideas, through writing, photographs for the book, marketing, publishing & sales, I'm showing everything I do to turn my passion project into reality


Part 0 - The Primer

A quick introduction & overview, introducing the project & previewing what I'm trying to achieve.

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Part 1 - The Plan

I outline my plan from start to finish, at a fairly high level. I'm not getting into details of exactly WHAT I'm going to do - not yet - but setting out just HOW I intend to do it.

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Part 2 - The Premise

This week I reveal what I want my book to be about, setting the scope, scene and talking about the challenge ahead.

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Part 3 - The Pixie

I introduce the lead character of my book -

Pel, The Photo Pixie.

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Part 4 - The Pencil Sketches

I talk about my plans for illustrating the book, converting photos into pencil sketches and experimenting to see what types of photo work best

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