Beginner Guides

All of my beginner guides are hosted here.  They begin life as blog posts to make it easy to share & get feedback and over time will be converted to PDFs for you to download & use offline. If you need some help with any aspect of your photography then you can either find a guide here or contact me and I'll look to help any way I can!

Beginner's Guide to Photography Salons

Everything you need to know about entering international photography exhibitions/salons and how to achieve accreditation for your success!

Beginner's Guide to Photography Distinctions

An overview & advice on how to work towards a photography distinction from one of the many different options offered by photography societies worldwide.

Beginner's Guide to Cleaning your DSLR

This link takes you to my YouTube channel to watch a short video covering all the essentials about how you can clean your lenses, DSLR mirror, focusing screen, viewfinder & sensor.

A Photographer's Guide to Singapore - Part 1 - Landscapes

Dispelling the illusion that landscape photography in Singapore is just the Merlion & a fancy hotel, this guide takes you around the island offering useful tips, locations and inspiration for what else Singapore can offer the landscape photographer.