Frequently Asked Questions

Sufficient people have asked questions now that I thought publically answering them might be useful.  Or interesting.  Or maybe even both!

  • Why have you not reviewed Fuji/Nikon/Olympus/Leica/<insert camera brand here> cameras & lenses?

The simple answer is that I have offered/asked to review their kit and they have declined.  Some are polite in their responses, some are rude, some don't even bother to reply at all.  It's fine, it's their loss ultimately - even if people don't agree with my opinion on the equipment, it's more reviews on the internet for those camera/lens companies who DO understand the power of social influencers.

I'd always be happy to review their gear.  I've made an effort and though I won't waste time chasing constantly, I'm always open to building new relationships.  The ball is now in their court.

  • Is it really because you're a Canon/Sony/Samsung fanboy?

No.  It's because Canon, Sony & Samsung have the best PR guys and understand the value of independent reviewers.  They are happy to help & support me so I'm happy to return the favour by reviewing their kit.

  • Your reviews are too simple, why don't you inclulde lab tests & MTF charts?

The main reason for not including MTF charts is because they don't matter to me in the real world.  The real world use & image quality that's achievable is what I'm interested in testing & sharing.  I don't think taking a load of shit JPGs right out of camera and dumping them on the internet is a good reviewing tool.  I think by sharing images that another photographer could imagine taking is a much better way of showing what kit is capable of.

Also, there are plenty of other sites that cater to the more techie side of reviews - I love DPreview and DXO do a great job in their own fields.  I'd be stupid trying to replicate what they do for the sake of it.  Instead, I focus on how the equipment will perform day-to-day, I focus on the little features that are useful and the little quirks that are annoying.  These are the kind of things photographers will deal with all the time, long after they've stopped worrying about the MTF charts.

Where I can, I also come back and provide long-term reviews & feedback so if you are looking at older/cheaper or second-hand equipment you can be forewarned of common problems.

  • Why do you only have a few reviews/articles etc. on your site?

I've only been doing this for a short time.  Bear with me!  I'm adding reviews, guides & articles as quickly as I can!

  • Most photographers just put their photos on their site, why haven't you?

Pretty much all my photos are on my flickr site.  I do eventually intend to produce a set of "Best Of" galleries to showcase my own work on this site but first & foremost I want to add useful, interesting & entertaining content in the form of reviews & articles. 

  • How much do you get paid for this?

Nothing at all.  I don't even advertise on my site.  I do this because I enjoy it, because I think I have an opinion worth sharing and because I think there's a huge gap online for easy-to-understand reviews & guides.  It's also fun.

  • Can I advertise on your site?

It depends.  I will only advertise & promote things I like. Email me and we can discuss.

  • Do you take paid commission assignments/photoshoots, or TFCD modelling shoots?

Yes.  Email me and we can discuss.

  • Do you run workshops or offer private photography tuition?

Yes.  Email me and we can discuss.